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Angels Prospect Wins Dominican All-Star Game MVP

The Dominican Summer League held its All-Star game on July 24. Los Angeles Angels outfield prospect Randy de Jesus went 2-2, and he hit a two-run home run. As a result, he was named Liga Americana’s MVP.

MLB Pipeline ranked De Jesus as the 39th-best 2022 international prospect.

“He can make hard contact with a solid approach, but it’s his emerging power that really stands out,” they wrote. “In 2020, he worked on improving his conditioning, getting in better shape, losing some weight and adding strength to his impressive 6-foor-4 frame. De Jesus is athletic and while he’s not a burner, is a smart and aggressive baserunner. He fits the athletic, power-hitting corner outfield profile well, especially if he continues to make enough contact to tap into his raw power.”

In January, the Angels signed De Jesus to a $1.2 million deal. So far, the early returns have been impressive. In the minors, the 17-year-old has seven home runs, 31 RBIs, and three stolen bases across 129 at bats.

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Angels Could Trade SP Noah Syndergaard

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The Los Angeles Angels could trade starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard, according to Bleacher Report’s Mike Chiari.

Syndergaard has made 15 starts for the Angels this season. He has a 3.83 ERA and a 1.213 WHIP. He is currently on a one-year, $21 million deal. With an expiring contract, it may be in the Angels’ best interest to move Syndergaard at the deadline, as the team is currently 11 games behind the Tampa Bay Rays in the AL Wild Card race.

The Angels may not be able to get a lot of value for the Syndergaard on the trade market, however. ESPN’s Jeff Passan reported that teams are “wary” of making a deal for the veteran.

“The most interesting option on the rental market: Angels right-hander Noah Syndergaard, whose fluctuating stuff has left front offices wary and whose contract is onerous enough that Los Angeles might simply choose to hold on to him,” Passan wrote.

Passan noted that Syndergaard’s erratic velocity is a concern for front offices.

“There have been points this season when Syndergaard has thrown 94-97 mph,” Passan wrote. “Lately, he has been more around 91-95. Velocity isn’t everything, and Syndergaard’s ability to throw strikes is never in question. But with more than $7 million remaining on his $21 million deal, contending teams are asking themselves: Just how worth our while is it to take him on, especially with the added cost of a prospect, even a lesser one?”

If all the Angels can get for Syndergaard is a “lesser prospect”, they might as well hold onto him. There are still 65 games remaining in the regular season. Mike Trout should return at some point, and David Fletcher has looked outstanding during his rehab assignment with the Salt Lake Bees.

At this point, trying to make a run with Syndergaard makes more sense than simply dumping him.